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Hello, I’m Jeroen. I study philosophy : applied ethics, with a focus on the ethics of privacy. I use this website to gently wrap my head around the new concepts I learn, to practise my writing skills, and to occasionally vent an opinion. Here’s one: I like hats / + about me


I left Belgium after graduating from Leuven University (Master in Laws) in 1997 and co-established a justice centre near Cape Town, initially rendering legal aid in the field of human rights, but since 2005 solely focused on research and human rights education: www.umnyama.org.

www.onlinebrandambassadors.com saw the light of day in 2005, and allowed me to take on more entrepreneurial challenges in the fields of online advertising, communication and data protection.

When, at the age of eighteen, I was told that “Philosophy is a hobby, not a job” I parked the idea of studying academic philosophy and went off to do a job. Twenty-five years later, I find myself studying philosophy and applied ethics at the Universities of Oxford and Stellenbosch: www.jeroenseynhaeve.com

When not at work, I walk, read and write, travel, and cook for friends and family.