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About Jeroen

Creativity. Critical thinking. Curiosity.

I left Belgium after graduating from Leuven University (Master in Laws) in 1997 and co-established a justice centre near Cape Town, initially rendering legal aid in the field of human rights, but since 2005 solely focused on research and human rights education: www.umnyama.org.

www.onlinebrandambassadors.com saw the light of day in 2005, and allowed me to take on more creative challenges in the field of advertising for a selection of long-term clients in the food, wine and hospitality industry.

When, at the age of eighteen, I was told that “Philosophy is a hobby, not a job” I parked the idea of studying philosophy onto the backseat – next to my electric guitar and world peace – and went off to do a job. Twenty-six years later, I find myself studying philosophy and applied ethics at the Universities of Oxford and Stellenbosch – because I’m loving it: www.jeroenseynhaeve.com

When not at work, I walk, read and write, travel, and cook for friends and family.

Hello, I'm Jeroen. I study philosophy at the Universities of Oxford and Stellenbosch. I use this website to gently wrap my head around the new concepts I learn, to practise my writing skills, and to occasionally vent an opinion. Here's one: I like hats. [+]